Easy Tricep & Bicep Exercises

Easy Tricep & Bicep Exercises

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Engaging the abs neutralizes the spine during overhead tricep extensions.

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The triceps and the biceps make up the large muscles along the front and back of the upper arm. Together, the triceps and biceps are responsible for the extension and flexion of the elbow respectively. If you are looking to build bulk in the triceps and biceps during weight-bearing exercises, use high weight and low reps. For lean muscle, use low weight and high reps. Rotate through the exercises in circuit form, alternating between emphasis on the biceps and triceps to provide rest to the respective muscle groups.

Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls are a simple way to build definition in the biceps using weights. An easy way to start is alternating the arms. Once you are comfortable with the form, move into sets of simultaneous curls on the right and left side. As you curl the forearms in toward the shoulders, elevating the elbows will bring greater emphasis into the biceps.

Dumbbell Overhead Extension

Dumbbell overhead extensions can be integrated into a circuit with bicep curls. This tricep strengthening movement can be done seated or standing and involves gripping a single dumbbell with both hands as you bring it vertically behind your head. As you breathe in, press the dumbbell overhead and as you breathe out bring a bend to the elbows to bring the weight back behind you.


Pushups are a challenging body-weight exercise with varieties to build muscle in both the triceps and biceps. For the triceps, try either diamond pushups with the index fingers and thumbs at the center of the chest and the elbows out to the sides as you lower -- or chaturanga pushups with the hands under the shoulders and elbows staying close to the ribs as you lower. For extra emphasis on the biceps, bring the hands to a medicine ball and move into a diamond pushup variation. To maintain form, those new to pushups can drop the knees to the ground during sets.

Tricep Chair Dips

A simple way to get some definition at home, chair dips use a motion similar to chaturanga pushups, keeping the elbows in as you bring your hips off the front of the chair and your legs extended out with your heels on the floor. Breathing in, lower your hips down as you bend your elbows and breathing out straighten your arms raising your hips back up.

Lateral Pull Down

The lateral pull down uses the same motion through the arms as a pull-up without the strength needed to lift the entire body with the arms. Keeping the hands shoulder-width distance on the bar will maintain emphasis to the biceps in the upper arm. To move into a variation for the triceps, attach a rope handle to the cable, keeping the elbows in close to the body.