The Best Aerobic Exercises for Women for Weight Loss After 50

The Best Aerobic Exercises for Women for Weight Loss After 50

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Friends in a fitness class can give accountability and support.

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For women over 50, there are different needs and obstacles as compared to a woman who is in her 20s. These reasons affect the type of exercise you may be willing to participate in as an individual. Weight loss may be more challenging as a woman over 50, but not impossible. Changes in diet and portion control will compliment the weight loss effort. However, aerobic exercise activity is the best way to motivate weight loss.


By far one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, walking can be performed either indoors on a treadmill or outdoors. Walking is often preferred for women over 50 because of its low injury rate, simple style and ability to adapt into most schedules. Little or no equipment is needed to get started. Supportive and comfortable walking shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions will make your walk more enjoyable and safe. Set your walk at a slower pace until you are ready to increase to the next level. As you develop more aerobic stamina and endurance, increase your pace with a longer stride in your walk. Depending on your pace, you can burn anywhere between 250 to 350 calories in a 60 minute walk. Known as a weight bearing exercise, walking can increase bone health for menopausal women over 50.

Group Fitness Classes

Women over 50 can enjoy the fun and support of being part of a group that exercises each week. There are several types of group fitness classes -- dance exercise, water aerobics, spinning, and chair exercise are some examples. Aerobic training in these classes help to promote weight loss. Depending upon the intensity and length of the class, you could possibly burn between 400 to 650 calories. As menopausal women over 50 tend to gain fat around their mid-sections, it can be good to have other women of the same age around for accountability and support. Participation in a group fitness class at least four times a week would generate weight loss for those women wanting to lose some extra pounds.

Interval or Circuit Training

Loss of bone mineral density can be an issue for some women over 50. Weight bearing exercises can increase bone mass, strengthen the body and promote weight loss. Interval or circuit training alternates periods of high intensity work with periods of low intensity work. Hand weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, weight equipment and other fitness accessories can be used for periods of interval or circuit training. The use of these fitness accessories can build muscle mass and increase the amount of calories burned during the day.


Before starting an exercise program, consult with your physician or health care provider. Stay well hydrated with water while exercising and drink plenty of water throughout your day. In addition to exercise for weight loss, eat less high fat foods and more fruits and vegetables with your meals. Eat five to six planned small meals throughout your day to combat hunger and avoid overeating. If you ever feel lightheaded or dizzy while exercising, stop and contact your physician.


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