King Crab Leg Dinner Menu Ideas

King Crab Leg Dinner Menu Ideas

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King crabs have thick legs with a good deal of meat inside.

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King crab legs are a delicacy in many cuisines, and they are readily available at most large grocery stores, as long as you're willing shell out the big bucks they tend to cost. If you're planning a special occasion or if you have leftover king crab meat, there are many ways to incorporate the low-fat food into a tasty dinner. In addition to being low in fat, king crab legs are also a good source of protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B-12.

Light Salads

Top a bed of leafy greens with cooked king crab meat for a simple and elegant salad that can serve as a main course or an appetizer. Make the salad even more filling by adding peeled grapefruit wedges, blackberries and pomegranate seeds. Mary Ethelyn Orso, author of "The Crab Lover's Book," suggests adding avocado cubes to a king crab salad. The avocado will add a creamy texture to the salad, but it's also rich in fiber and potassium, too. Make a creamy king crab salad by combining the meat with low-fat mayonnaise, minced green onions, minced celery and your favorite herbs and spices. Serve the creamy salad on a bed of watercress, baby spinach and red-leaf lettuce.

Rich Soups and Stews

Stir cooked king crab meat into a rich vegetable stew in place of beef for a new take on the this traditional meal. King crab meat will also punch up the flavor of a tomato soup recipe, corn chowder recipe or a creole gumbo recipe. Make a crab soup from scratch as another tasty and nutritious way to use king crab legs. Remove the meat from the legs and place the shells in a large stockpot with onions and garlic. Cover the legs with water and simmer the mixture for several hours to make a rich crab stock. Discard the shells and stir in vegetables, such as onions and carrots, the crab meat and dried herbs and spices. Simmer the soup until the vegetables are tender and serve it with a bit of shredded king crab meat as a garnish.

Pasta Power

Replace the traditional beef in a spaghetti recipe with cooked king crab legs or the usual chicken in fettuccine with the cooked crab. Gary Rainer Puetz, author of "Cooking with the Seafood Steward," suggests adding cooked crab meat to a lasagna recipe. Replace the usual tomato-based sauce with a low-fat creamy sauce for a different flavor. Scatter cooked king crab meat over a traditional pasta salad as another simple way to include the seafood in a tasty and nutritious dinner.

More Meals Fit for a King

Jazz up a grilled cheese sandwich by layering cooked king crab meat between the slices of cheese. Serve the sandwich with low-fat king crab leg chowder for a tasty dinner. You might also spread white sauce on a cooked whole-grain pizza crust and top it with cooked king crab leg meat and baby spinach leaves. Bake the pizza until it's steaming hot. Saute king crab leg meat with fresh vegetables, such as bell peppers and pea pods, and serve the mixture over steamed brown rice with a splash of low-sodium soy sauce.


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