Low Carb Lunch for Someone With High Blood Sugar

Low Carb Lunch for Someone With High Blood Sugar

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Make a frittata or crustless quiche for a tasty lunch you can prepare in advance.

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Having high blood sugar levels is known as hyperglycemia, and this can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The Diabetes Australia website strongly recommends that diabetics suffering from high blood sugar levels not follow a very-low-carbohydrate diet. Balancing the carb content of your meals may help to stabilize your blood sugar levels, however, meaning a lower-carb lunch could be the answer.

The Incredible Egg

Eggs are naturally low in carbohydrate and high in protein, which helps to maintain blood sugar levels, notes nutritionist Joy Bauer. Though frittatas may be more associated with breakfast, you could make one on the weekend that's big enough to see you through two or three lunches. Simply keep it in the refrigerator. Use a couple of types of veggies for a healthy dose of blood sugar-regulating fiber along with some low-fat cheese and lean meats such as ground turkey.

Make Salad a Main

Take salad from a side dish to the main event. Most vegetables fit into the low-carb quota, except for starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes. Start with a base of fresh lettuces such as romaine, kale and arugula and then add a few nonstarchy items including cucumber, carrots, mushrooms and radishes. Top your salad with some lean meat, fish or dairy, such as low-fat cottage cheese or feta cheese, an oil-based dressing and a small handful of toasted nuts or seeds.

Super Soups

Ready-to-eat soups often come with high levels of sodium, as well as added sugars and preservatives, but homemade soups are a different story. Base your soup around vegetables and use stock, herbs and spices for flavoring. Adding beans or legumes into your soup could be beneficial too. While these are a little higher in carbohydrate than green vegetables, beans have a low to moderate glycemic index, meaning they cause a steady rise in blood sugar, rather than a rapid one. The beauty of soups is that you can control exactly what goes into them, and they can be made in advance, frozen and heated up when you need them.

On the Go

Preparing your own low-carb lunches might not be too difficult, but if you only have 15 minutes to leave the office and grab a quick bite, or you're between errands, it can be a little more tricky. Coffee shops and even fast-food places offer premade salads, or you can grab an omelet in a local cafe. Alternatively, pick up some preservative-free cooked meat, a packet of unsalted nuts and a serving of low-carb fruit such as blueberries in a grocery store. Always check with your doctor or a registered dietitian before deciding to change your eating habits or switch to a low-carb diet.


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