How Often Each Week Do You Train With a Personal Trainer?

How Often Each Week Do You Train With a Personal Trainer?

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How often you work out with your personal trainer depends on your goals and pocketbook.

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Personal trainers are no longer just for the affluent or athletes. The average fitness participant hires a personal trainer for motivation, to overcome plateaus, or to reach exercise goals. The number of times each week that you see your personal trainer depends on the trainer's availability, your goals and your pocketbook.

With or Without

You can use your personal trainer on a daily basis to meet the minimum requirements for a cardiovascular workout. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity five days a week. If you need the appointment with the trainer to keep you accountable, or enjoy the trainer's motivation, set up a daily cardiovascular workout that fits both of your schedules. Otherwise, consider performing your cardio exercise on your own time and meeting with your trainer for strength training.

Set the Date

Your personal trainer monitors your strength-training workout for your safety. She sets the amount of weight, chooses the order of the exercises and observes your form to keep you injury-free. If you perform a full-body strength-training routine, you see your trainer every other day. Your body needs a day of rest in between workouts. If you perform a split routine in which you exercise one or two muscle groups, you may see your trainer more frequently.

It'll Cost Ya

One large factor that will affect how often you train with your trainer is the cost of each session. The cost varies depending on the trainer's education, experience and location. For example, a trainer who has a degree, 10 years of experience and comes to your house charges more than a trainer with an online certification, six months of experience and works at the corner gym. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average rate per hour for a personal trainer is $42.50.

Text Me

Do not let the cost of a personal trainer hinder your workouts. With technology advancements, you can communicate with your trainer by phone, e-mail, web-cast and text to receive your workouts and motivation. The trainer meets with you one or two times and then sends you various workouts to do on your own. You meet with the trainer again after a few weeks to check your progress and workout form.

Mention Intention

Your goals are another consideration when determining how often to meet with your trainer. When you want to lose weight, you may need more time with your trainer at the beginning of your exercise program to keep you motivated and then less time as your personal motivation grows. If your goals are injury-recovery, athletic performance or date-related, such as a school reunion, your time with your trainer will vary. You may choose to see your trainer frequently as you reach your goal and then less often to maintain your health.


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